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January 17, 2010

Brilliant Coakley/Scott Brown Parody Ad

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Coakley’s World Trade Center Ad

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Just when you think Coakley’s ads can’t get any worse, her campaign launches an attack ad using the World Trade Center — not in the context of attacking Brown’s position re: terrorism, but as a symbol of Wall Street corruption: 

The campaign yanked this version, once it started attracting negative comment, and removed that photo.

I wonder if the choice of photo might have been accidental.  Perhaps some intern was rummaging through the files for an upward shot of a group of buildings around Wall Street, and just didn’t recognize the building.  Improbable as this may seem, it helps to remember that today’s 21-year-old intern would have been 12 or 13 years old in 2001, and thus unlikely to remember what these buildings looked like.  It’s not the kind of mistake apt to be made by someone who’d visited  the WTC as an adult or who was an adult when the towers came down.

We’ve discussed before the problem of clients cutting costs by using interns rather than top talent.  I don’t know whether that happened here, but that’s the most charitable explanation I can come up with for so gross an error.

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