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September 16, 2009

An E-Z way to sell La-Z-Boys

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While driving through a small town in Vermont this afternoon, I noticed a furniture store was advertising its sale on La-Z-Boys by having a young man stand at one of the main intersections holding a sign.

The sign caught my eye for a moment, because it was the size and shape of a union picket sign, and because it was red.  This effort did succeed in catching my attention — for a moment.

But this store missed a great opportunity to communicate the merits of the product they’re trying to sell.

Rather that make the poor kid stand there all afternoon waving a sign, the store should’ve put one of the chairs down on the sidewalk, and put the SALE! sign on an easel beside him, or attached signs to the sides and back of the chair, or have him hold it on his lap.

In some towns, this wouldn’t work, but where he was standing, there’s plenty of room to do this.  The hardware store down the street, for example, puts large barbecue grills and other cumbersome objects outside.

Sitting comfortably in a La-Z-Boy,  the young man would have attracted even more attention, and would have reminded those passing what a lovely thing a La-Z-Boy is to come home to.


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