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December 18, 2009

Advice to the Farmer Trapped in a Tweet War

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On the My Ragan blog, one of the bloggers, a marketer who’s also a part-time farmer, alleges that she was libeled by a Twitter user.  She asked My Ragan readers for advice as to how to respond to this, in addition to having her attorney send the offending party a note.

Here’s the response I posed:

First, thank you for being a farmer — for the hard work and the care that’s so often underappreciated.  I had no idea how hard farmers worked until I met my husband, whose family were Vermont dairy farmers.

Here’s one possible approach:   why not set up a Facebook fan page for your family’s farm?  A farmer in AL does this, and posts charming video updates from his cell phone every week or so — more often when there’s calving and the herd increases.  If his farm weren’t 2000 miles away, I’d be buying my milk from them, just because his videos are so honest and so ‘real.’

While it’s tempting to address a public attack publicly, this might not be the best course of action.  Perhsps it might be better just to show and tell the truth, using Facebook.  Especially with its photo and video upload capabilities, this might be a more effective medium for presenting your perspective than Twitter.  You can then use Twitter to post links to your FB updates, thereby getting out the info you want, without being drawn into discussions that don’t move you closer to your goals.

I wish you and your businesses all the best during this Holiday Season, and in the New Year!


Laurie Morrow
mADwoman Advertising
Montpelier, Vermont


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